Monday, June 6, 2016

Euiyeon Kim/ Presentation 2/ Friday 12

Suh Dong Hyeon/informative speech/Friday 12

Kyungmin Park / Assignment 2 / Friday 12

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Speaking Feedback
Date : June 6th, 2016
Speaker: Kyungmin Park
Evaluator: Self-evaluation
Title : Three stages of falling in love

1. What strong points does the speaker have?
- The speaker speaks in a clear tone and with clear pronunciation.
- The speaker constantly makes eye contact to the audience.
- The speaker makes few grammatical errors. She also used advanced collocations and vocabularies.
- The speaker looked passionate and confident, when she was talking about the topic.
- The speaker introduced a fresh perspective about the well-known concept "Love"

2. How well did the audience get to know the speech subject?
- The speaker related herself with her experience to help audience's understanding.
- The speaker was able to explain about field-specific concepts such as hormones with her own words.

3. Did the speech reflect adequate preparation?
- The visual aid was prepared and the duration of the speech was just right about 6 minutes.
- The speech was well divded into introduction, body and conclusion.

4. Did the speaker talk clearly and audibly?
- The speaker talked clearly and audibly. Her pronunciation was easy to understand and there was no mumbling during the speech.
- The speed of the speech was good.
- However, there were some filler words that could distract the audience from concentrating. Moreover, the tone of the speech was somewhat monotonous.

5. Did the speech have a definite opening, body, and conclusion?
- The speech had clear introduction, body and conclsion.
- The introduction was strong enough to gain listeners' attention.
- The speaker sumarized the body part in the conclusion. Moreover, she finished her speech with a quote about the topic to motivate the listeners to ponder the subject.

6. Please comment on the speaker's use of notes/eye contact.
- The speaker constantly looked at her note pads and her eye contact was not evenly distributed.
- The speaker looked nervous whenever she tried to look at her notes.
- However, she constantly made eye contact with the audience and stayed calm throughout the speech.

7. What could the speaker have done differently that would have improved the speech?
- It would have been much better if the speaker depended less on the note pad.
- Moreover, the speaker should have used emphasis and pause to sound more energetic. The speaker also should have used more gestures.

8. What did you like about the presentation?
- The topic of the speech was fresh and creative. The speaker put a lot of efforts to look at love in different perspective.
- The speaker's tone was clear to understand and easy to follow.
- The speech itself was more easy to understand, since the speaker used her experience to explain about the topic. The speaker sounded very authentic by relating herself to the topic.
- Opening and closing remarks were strong enough to gain attention.
- Throughout the speeh was well organized and well prepared.